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Self Service at Kukua Beach

#Fast Taste, Sicilian Quality

Quick in service, rich in flavour: each dish tells a story.

If you want a delicious meal without wasting time, our self-service is the ideal choice. We offer a wide range of dishes that capture the essence of local cuisine, allowing you to savor the true taste of Sicily in every bite.

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A Rich and Varied Gastronomic Offer:

  • First Courses: Choose from a selection of both hot and cold dishes, perfect to satisfy every desire.

  • Tasty Second Courses: From sea to land, our second courses include meat and fish options, accompanied by various side dishes and fresh salads.

  • Varied Assortment of Sandwiches: Enjoy our immense variety of sandwiches, ideal for a quick but always tasty meal.

  • Sicilian Street Food: Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the intense flavors of the south with our traditional street food dishes.

Quick Taste, Lasting Satisfaction: Tasting is a luxury that can become a pleasant habit. By visiting our self-service restaurant, you will always have time to sit down and enjoy a meal that tastes like home, even when time is limited.

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