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Kukua Beach wellness area

#relax one step away from the sea

Relaxation and Regeneration just a Step away from the Sea

Discover our exclusive space dedicated to wellness, where relaxation blends with the seascape for an experience of total tranquility. In our establishment, you will find large wellness areas designed for your comfort and relaxation.

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First Level Wellness Services:

  • Relaxing Pools: Immerse yourself in our two swimming pools, each located in a diverse area, ideal for peaceful swims or moments of pure relaxation under the Sicilian sun.

  • Regenerating Hydromassages: Let yourself be enveloped by the pleasure of three hydromassage tubs, where the hot water gently embraces your body, relieving tension and stress.

Personalized Healthy Paths:

  • Kneipp path: Innovative and healthy, our Kneipp path exploits the benefits of alternating hot and cold water to stimulate circulation and strengthen immunity, promoting physical and mental well-being.

  • Tailored Massages: Treat yourself to the luxury of a personalized massage, choosing between relaxation and decontracting options. Our expert therapists will use specific techniques to relax your muscles and invigorate your spirit.

A Refuge of Peace:

  • Enjoy the comfort of bookable loungers along the Kneipp path or next to our tubs, creating your personal corner of serenity. We are here to guarantee you an experience of deep relaxation, surrounded by the natural beauty of our beach.

Our motto "sea, nature, relaxation" reflects the essence of our commitment to your well-being. Come and discover how we can transform a day at the beach into a complete renewal of body and mind.

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